Asia Minor and Cappadocia
Asia Minor and Cappadocia
30 August - 8 September 2019
from 2000€

Our ten-day fully guided cultural motorcycle tour in Asia Minor and Cappadocia, will take us in an area with hundreds of underground cities, cave churches and incredible formations of porous stone that fascinate each traveler. The area is famous for each handmade carpets, excellent wines and folk art. Enjoy an air balloon ride, be mystified by the Dervish dance. Be part of the Anatolian culture. An emotional motorcycle road trip filled with images and sights of ancient civilizations. A motorbike holiday not to be missed.

Tour Details

Cappadocia with its unsurpassed historical monuments is a destination on its own. The great archaeological sites, the temples, and the hidden underground cities make up for an amazing trip full of atmosphere. Our hotels are centrally located in Cappadocia to allow to really appreciate the amazing atmosphere of the place and the surrounding area. Accommodation on this tour includes staying in independent good quality 3, 4 star and Boutique hotels, all with fantastic individual qualities for a good night’s rest after a great day of riding. An amazing motorcycle trip in some of the best moto routes the neighbouring country has to offer


Ayvalik, Troy, Çanakkale, Bandırma, Bursa
Agzikarahan - Ahsaray - Tepesi Delik Han – Göreme
Göreme – Ibrahim Pasa – Ortahisar – Twin fairy chimneys
Zelve open air museum – Hot air balloon – Cavucin
Mustafapasa – underground cities Kaymakli, Derinkuyu
Ihlara – Belisirma – Sultan Hani – Konya – Beysehir
Egirdir – Pammukale - (Hierapolis) – Babaag – Ephesus
Izmir – Cesme - rose valley – Avanos
Whirling dervishes Konya
Tour included / excluded:
What is included in this tour Items and services that are covered in the cost of tour price.


  • 10 days tour
  • 8 riding days
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • 2 additional overnights at sea
  • 4 boat trips
  • 8 breakfasts
  • 8 dinners
  • Ferry tickets on 4 berth cabin sharing
  • Experienced F.I.M and First Aid certified tour guide
  • Planning and organization of the tour
  • Daily briefing prior to the departure
  • All taxes
What is not included in this tour Items / services that are not covered by the tour price.


  • Entrance to Museums and Archaeological Sites
  • Fuel costs & Toll costs
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal Travel insurance
  • Mid-day lunches or snacks
  • Drinks and bottled beverages
  • Hot air balloon flight
  • Rental of motorcycles
  • Photography accessories like camera etc
  • Anything else not described as ”included”


  1. Day 1 (Athens) Piraeus port– Ferry crossing to Lesvos Island (15 km)

    We meet up in Piraeus port for check in and settling into our cabins. Depart for the island of Lesvos.

  2. Day 2 Mytilene - Ayvalik- Troy - Dardanelles - Panormos (390 km)

    Arrival early in the morning at the port of Mytilene. Move to the customs area and get on a local ferry to Ayvalik Turkey. Arrival and document checking. The exploration on the coast of Asia Minor begins. A quick tour of the beautiful and picturesque Ayvalik, the quaint Kydonia, with the vast olive grove. The city was a refugee symbol of 1922. Many of the elderly residents of the city still speak Greek, while many Turkish mosques are former Greek orthodox churches.

    We follow the coastline of the Aegean Sea and our first stop is the archaeological site of Homer's Troy. Visit - tour of the antiquities of the mythical city of Priam (the ancient Ilion), where you will see ruins of the old city. Then we will move north to Çanakkale where we will see the "wooden horse" - a copy of the Trojan horse - as well as the famous Dardanelles where, over the centuries, several battles were struck for their conquest. Then we will move to the hinterland until we reach Bandirma, the former Greek city of Panormos on the south coast of Propontis (Marmara Sea). This will be our first rest stop. Free leisure time.


  3. Day 3 Panormos - Bursa - Eskisehir - Ankara (504 km)

    Breakfast and departure by motorway to the capital of Turkey Ankara. On our way we will pass from well-known cities such as Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the 4th largest city in the country, known for the ski resorts of Mount Uly (Olympos Mysia), the mausoleum of the Ottoman sultans, the fertile plain and important buildings such as the Kemal Ataturk House, the Archaeological Museum, the Ulu Mosque and the most beautiful mosque in Turkey, the Yeşil Camıı (Green Mosque). The city has an important place in Turkish gastronomy as it is known for its specialties (İskender Kebab), but also for the "marron-glasse" confectionery, ie candied chestnuts (Kestane Şekeri). The end of our route finds us in the capital Ankara. Remarkable attractions to visit include Ankitabir (with Atatürk's mausoleum), the East Culture and Ethnographic museum, with important findings from all of the pre-Christian cultures (Asia Minor, Phoenix, Persia, Scythia) as well as the Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu traditional bazaar. Overnight stay.

  4. Day 4 Ankara - Agzikarahan - Aksaray - Tepesi Delik Han - Göreme (308 km)

    After our breakfast we will visit the Kemal Mausoleum and then we will go south to Tuz Gölü (Tuz Gulu Lake). Its location is at the north end of the prefecture of Ankara. Here is the salt lake of Tata, the second largest lake in Turkey, after Lake Van. At an altitude of 900 meters from the sea surface and an area of approximately 1,000 square kilometers, it is the natural border for three prefectures, Ankara in NE, Ikonion in W. and Aksaray in SE. It is the world's highest content salt lake (33%), similar to the Dead Sea. So it has logically attributed the impressive name Salt Dessert as its surface is actually covered with salt, which at some points exceeds the two meters in thickness. If you try to walk on it - especially during the dry summer months - you will have the impression that you are walking on a white desert. There is no danger since in the summer, the depth is shallow and the lake loses almost three quarters of its water. Then we will move towards Göreme our stay for the night.

  5. Day 5 "> Round tour 1: Göreme – Ibrahim Pasa – Ortahisar – Twin fairy chimneys – Zelve open air museum - Göreme (47 km)

    After our breakfast we will tour the city of Goreme a place that is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. The sites will captivate the eye and soul of the traveler. Simply enjoy the atmosphere and travel back in time with this collage of pictures that will unfurl before your eyes. In the evening we suggest a traditional Anatolian evening full of music and delights.

  6. Day 6 Round tour 2: Göreme – Hot air ballon – Cavucin – Christian churces – Rose valley - Göreme open air museum (20 km)

    Breakfast at the hotel and optional participation in a stunning ballooning ride from where you can admire the unique and beautiful Cappadocian Mountain from above. Our excursion continues to Tsavousin, where is the church of Nikiforos Fokas. Immediately afterwards we will reach Alyi a.k.a the Red River with our final destination being the town of Avanos. This city is well-known for its ceramics and folk art workshops. It is proposed to visit a factory with onyx and clay artworks. There we will visit the underground city of Ozonak. Our next stop is the picturesque village of Uzchisar which is built in the Peristeri valley. We will end up in the tower where we will admire the panoramic view of all of Cappadocia. Late in the afternoon return to the hotel. Dinner & overnight stay.

  7. Day 7 Göreme - Mustafapasa - Avanos - underground cities - Derinkuyu (146 km)

    Departure for Mustafapasa (Sinasos). It was one of the 4-5 Greek-speaking villages in the area, with inhabitants who had a strong development both in the Greek national sense and in the Orthodox Christian religious feeling. The territory of the area is located on the volcanic plate of the inactive volcanos of Argyios, so it is full of stones of various sizes, carved over the centuries from time, weather and people. In its subsoil are still preserved in a very good condition, houses, skeletons, monastic centers, churches with hagiographies and entire states. In Sinasos we will visit the temple of Saints Constantine and Helen. Visit to the center of the city and the main square where we will walk to the historical canyons and admire the stone mansions, many of which were houses of Greeks abandoned in the early 20th century. Our last stop in Sinaso is the undercover church of St. Basil at the edge of the city and the Greek girls' school. Visit and then a short stop at the traditional cafes of the village.

    The road trip continues to the quiet town of Avanos, located on the edge of the Red River, and is famous for its ceramics. The locals use clay from the river bed as a raw material for containers and decorative items they sell all over Turkey. A popular tourist activity in Avano is the turning of the pottery wheel - which is not as easy as you think! Most restaurants here are family businesses with cheap yet tasty food, focused on Turkish cuisine. Next stop is the underground cities of Kaymakli - Ozkonak and Derinkuyu in the valley of Koraha where we will visit the cave churches, places of worship. We will visit the most well preserved underground town of Malakopi. During the 4th century BC Alexander the Great took over the area and 5,000 people lived there. It is located hundreds of meters below the surface of the ground and carved into the extremely soft porous stone of a hill. Here there are underground corridors, rooms, storehouses and chapels that form entire high-rise labyrinths that will shock even the most indifferent visitor. Return to the hotel. Dinner, overnight stay.


  8. Day 8 Derinkuyu - Ihlara - Belisirma - Iconion - Beysehir (358 km)

    We visit the city of Kaymakli where we will admire its unique underground city before seeing one of the most impressive formations of southern Cappadocia, the Ihlara valley with innumerable carved churches and monks' residences. We will descend to the Melediz River where we will take a walk in this magnificent gorge. The tour continues and we arrive in the city of Karval, the birthplace of St. Gregorius. We will then head westwards to the historic city of Seljuk Turks, Konya (Ikonio), one of the oldest cities in the world and a natural crossroads connecting all of Anatolia, on the border between Cappadocia and Phrygia and Antiochia of Pisidia. A short tour of the city, an open-air museum of Seljuk architecture and the seat of the Dervishes battalion. We walk in the historical center (mosque and tomb of Jelalentin Rumi - Jala Al Dinar Rumi - known as Mevlana poet - philosopher and founder of the Dervishes Order). Our route continues towards Beyşehir (Behehir), a picturesque city on the banks of Lake Beacheshir (ancient Karalis), the third largest in Turkey. Dinner and overnight stay.

  9. Day 9 Beysehir - Egirdir - Denizli - Hierapolis (356 km)

    Breakfast and short visit to the mosque of Esrefoglu Camii, which is of great interest for its unique architectural style. Departure to Eğirdir with Lake Eğirdir Gölü being our destination. It covers an area of 482 square kilometers thus making it the 4th largest (2nd largest freshwater) lake in Turkey. Then we will meet another impressive geological landscape. Pammukale, also known as Cotton castle with its impressive limestone formations and hot springs. We continue with a visit to the remarkable archaeological site of Hierapolis (ruins of the ancient city, Domitian's gate, ancient theater) which is considered to be the place of martyrdom of Apostle Philippus and the famous fossil white waterfalls, a unique phenomenon in the world. Late afternoon appointment at our hotel in Pammukale an ancient city located on hot springs in classical Phrygia in southwestern Anatolia. Dinner and overnight stay.

  10. Day 10 Pammukale (Hierapolis) - Babaag - Ephesus - Izmir - Cesme port to Chios island Greece – Chios on board to Piraeus port (Athens) (410 km)

    Visit to Hierapolis, where we can enjoy a walk or even swim in this magnificent scenery. Departure via Aydin, to visit the "White State" of Ancient Ephesus. We will see the House of Virgin Mary at the top of the adjacent hill, the archaeological site of Ephesus which is the most visited archaeological site in Turkey. Also in the archaeological site will be the Bouleuterion, the Prytaneion, the Public Market, Nymfaio, the Library of Celsus, the Theater, the High School and the Stadium. After that, time and mood allowing, we will visit the town of Seljuk, the ruins of Basil where the relics of St. John the Theologian and Evangelist are kept. We end up in the afternoon in Smyrna. Because time is limited, we will see the Command Centre with its Clock, the old Greek mansions and then we will go to the Acropolis of Kantiève Kale to get a taste of the panoramic view of the city. Finally, we will head west to the Aegean coast to Cesme from where we will take the small ship to Chios. In the very short time we will spend in Chios we can admire the beautiful mansions and the "aplotaria" the pedestrian road in Chios until we board the ferry to Piraeus. Overnight stays at sea. The morning of the next day we will be in Piraeus port where it will be the end of the trip. Farewell.

  1. Tour Guide

    “Guided Tour” means that a motorcycle-riding tourguide will be guiding you and a support car will be travelling with you carrying your luggage and spare parts (Where applicable).

  2. Riders gear

    Riders should bring their own motorcycle gear (helmet, boots, gloves etc.) We highly recommend protection gear for mediterranean climate as well as extra rainsuit (jacket, trousers) in the event of rain, for more comfortable and safe riding. Renting of motorcycle gear is also possible by us at an extra cost.

  3. Luggage

    The luggage will be carried by the support vehicle (where applicable). Each rider can leave one (1) luggage in the support vehicle.

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