Advanced Off Road
Advanced Off Road
from 450€

1 or 2 Riders
(own or rent motorcycle)
(VAT included)

Two Days Training

This lesson will help you take your off road skills and competencies to a significantly higher level and make you feel extra safe about driving off road.


The lesson includes a quick recap of what we learnt at the basic level. We will also now build on our knowledge by learning new techniques to tackle demanding, low-grip roads and we will fine tune our skills. In this level we will learn:

  • How to steer the motorcycle in difficult uphill or downhill conditions and when changing direction.
  • How to adjust the motorcycle brake to the correct angle.
  • The correct management of particular situations and difficult conditions so that all riders can learn how to make their own judgement.

We end with a lot of driving on trails and different types of terrain in difficult lighting conditions (low light - night).


A higher level of off road skills and competencies. No more boundaries for any motorcycle tour.



Tour included / excluded:
What's included. Products and services covered by the package and included in the price.
  • Experienced teacher with a motorcycle
  • All taxes
What's not included. Products and services not covered by the package or included in the price:
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal insurance and other coverage
  • Riding gear
  • Anything not listed as ''included'' above
  1. Day 1 Introductory Day

    Meet early in the morning at the training point. Getting to know you and introduction to the lesson of the day. In the first part we will quickly recap what we learnt at the basic level and then we will move on to the theoretical part addressing the most demanding situations. In between, we will get the chance for a 1-hour break so we can take a well-deserved breather over a light lunch.

  2. Day 2 From Theory to Praxis

    Meet early in the morning at the training point. Quick recap and mention of what we learnt the first day. The lesson proceeds to focus on the most difficult parts of our theoretical training and gradually moves on to the practical part. We end the day with a demanding ride in the mountains where we will put our theoretical knowledge and the techniques that we learnt into practice.


  1. Instructor

    All lessons are held by our experienced trainer,, Vassilis Boudros, with longtime experience in training and numerous participations in local and international competitive events of Enduro riding.

    Short CV of Vassilis, includes

    • • 2008 First participation in “National Rallye Racing”

      • 2009 Winner of the “National Championship Rallye Racing” (Enduro)

      • 2009 Winner of the Balkan Marathon Rallye (Open)

      • 2010 Winner of the “National Championship Rallye Racing” (Open)

      • 2010 Winner of the ΑΤΤΙΚΑ Enduro

      • 2010 Participation in the Ε2 category of the Panhellenic Enduro Championship

      • 2010 Participation in Ertzberg rodeo

      • 2011 Winner of the Serres Rallye (M1)

      • 2011 Participation in the RED BULL Donkey cross Makrynitsa Pillion

      • 2012 Winner of the Rallye Raid HELLAS EVIA

      • 2012 Participation in the Rallye Albania

      • 2012 Southern  Greece Enduro Championship

      • 2012 Co-instructor in the riding school “Ride-it”

      • 2013 Winner of the Hellas Rally Nafpaktos

      • 2014 Participation in the GGN Sweden

      • 2015 Participation in the Greek Enduro Championship - Category  E2

      • 2017 Ranked 2nd overall in the Albania Rally

      • 2017 Ranked 6th overall in Baja Germany

  2. Riders gear

    Full rider protective gear is mandatory for all training programs. Required gear includes a full face helmet, armor gloves, jacket with protection at shoulders, elbows and the back, pants with hip and knee armor and ankle protective boots. For off-road training we recommend a four-season riding suit, with plenty of vent areas, without inner lining to allow for maximum rider ventilation and avoid sweating as much as possible. Riders with leather lace-up boots without ankle protection will not be admitted to the training course

  3. Tyres

    For off-road training we recommend the use of dual-sport tires. For “advanced” off-road training in particular, dirt tires will ensure safety in rough terrains and allow you to maximize the overall off-road riding experience

  4. Motorcycle Condition

    It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that their motorcycle is fully prepared for the course or event type being undertaken. We recommend a pre-event service check to avoid potential technical issues

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