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Rent a motorcycle and explore Athens (Mar 14/19)

The city of Athens and its prefecture is full of interest, history and surprises. Every step you take brings you closer to archaeological museums, world heritage monument providing thus the stimuli to explore it to the full. The best and most fun way to do so, is by renting a motorcycle from GS Traveler. It is fast, efficient and provides you with the best way to Athens’ sights and attractions. Escape the hustle and bustle of crowded public transport or boring confined busses and be free! Ride your motorcycle in the downtown center, with Acropolis, the Propylaea, the Erechtheion or the museums only minutes away. Visit the mountain ranges of Parnitha, Penteli and Hymettus and be fascinated by the breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Ride along twisty roads, visit the Beletsi and Marathon Lakes, the Royal estate in Tatoi and be part of the new Greek history as it unfolds before your eyes. Corinthos with the most famous canal and the Heraion Lake with the brackish water less than an hour away from the city center, offers plenty of sites and activities within easy reach. Miles and miles of coastline will be yours to discover. An ever changing route that will take you from the Saronic Gulf to the Gerania Mountain range all the way to the Corinthian Gulf. A motorcycle paradise! The Athenian Riviera with the numerous yacht marinas and the spectacular Temple of Poseidon is a quick zip away by renting a motorcycle. You can stop anywhere along the Athenian coastline and enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters or even take a stroll by the beach. Visit the numerous family owned tavernas that serve amazing Mediterranean cuisine and then continue your day trip without a care in the world. You manage your own schedule and decide where you want to spend most of your time. The flexibility that renting a motorcycle offers is immense. Everything feels and in fact is, within easy reach. Let Athens be your playground and allow it to captivate you with its beauty. Make GS Traveler your motorcycle rental partner in Athens and be fascinated during all seasons.