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Motorcycle Tours in Greece (Jan 25/19)

Greece is known all over the world for its islands and its archipelago. However, a large percentage of the country’s land is covered by towering mountain ranges and traditional settlements. Greece is the third most mountainous country in Europe, after Norway and Albania thus creating an excellent path for motorcycling tourism. These mountain paths, the national parks of Olympos, Parnitha, Parnassos, Valia Calda, Oiti, Samaria, the countless historical, religious and archaeological attractions combined with Greek hospitality, gastronomy, and yearlong excellent climate make Greece an ideal motorcycle destination.

Starting from Athens, the cradle of history and modern civilization, we can proceed with a BMW motorcycle rental from our GS Traveler Headquarters in Athens and start your moto tour in Greece.

The island of Evia with its diverse landscape is an ideal introduction to a first time visitor. The wild and remote south with its unique coastline and remote beaches to the charming north with the spectacular gorges and waterfalls. The magnificent villages, the history and the spectacular scenery is a constant companion just a stone throw away from the capital. Many have claimed that the island of Evia is a miniature of Greece!

The province of Magnesia and Thessaly with the majestic and mythical mountain ranges of Olympus, Kissavos and Pelion. The Unseco World Heritage site of Meteora with the monasteries literally pinned on top of the enormous vertical dark rock masses. The rivers and lakes offering endless possibilities of trekking, kayaking and countless hours of exploration.

The land of Epirus with Ioannina on the north west of Greece. The famous Zagorohoria with the unique architecture, the spectacular Achelon River and Dodoni ancient theatre. Kastoria and Florina with their lakes offering plenty of relaxing times enjoying a diverse eco system.

The provinces of Serres, Drama, Kavala, and Eastern Thrace offer the visitor traditional settlements, hospitality, fantastic excursions as well as excellent local cuisine and specialties.

The land οf Peloponnese on the south with the famous Corinth canal, the archaeological sites of Mycenae, Messinia and Ancient Olympia the provinces of Arcadia, Argolida, Sparta and Kalamata are just a few of the endless possibilities a traveler has to explore.

The island of Crete with its history and rich tradition. With the Gorges and endless beaches captivate every person that has set foot on this spectacular rich land. The hospitality, the remote mountainous villages, the monasteries and the excellent Cretan cuisine create a complete experience to every traveler.

Greece is blessed with excellent climate, rich history, fantastic routes, hospitality and excellent cuisine. A motorcycle tour any time in the year allows the visitor to truly experience, feel and understand the true magic of Greece. Experience Greece by Motorcycle. Greece is a motorcycle heaven awaiting to be discovered.

Explore Greece by renting your desired BMW Motorcycle from GS Traveler and make life a ride.